Mindful Meerkats

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Mindful Meerkats

Can we stimulate people to live more mindfully by playing a game to contribute to a more sustainable world? A small team of sustainable developers & web designers has taken up the challenge to create a beautiful web game that inspires mindfulness.

"Mindful Meerkats" is a smartphone app that assists you in being a better version of yourself. Everyone has little goals and daily struggles to overcome, but the most meaningful question is "How do I become happier?"

And it is a difficult question. Admittedly. Many aspects play a role in how much satisfaction is drawn from a lifestyle. It is especially difficult, because the negative long-term impacts of our behaviour on our quality of life are not immediately visible for you or any other individual. We bridge the gap between action and effect.


Our Mission

We want to help you to be more aware and to be a part of a global movement. Through an interactive online Avatar in form of a Meerkat you can get insight into your real and virtual performance. In that way you can keep up with your personal goals.

Our research says that six elements have to be taken care of to gain greater happiness:

Personal Attributes Systemic Attribute
Physical Health Social Sustainability
Psychological Health Economic
Intelligence Environmental

We believe that the six elements to happiness are physical and psychological health, intelligence and social, economic and environmental sustainability. We call these attributes:

The visual appearance of the Meerkat Avatar, or Meeka in short, depends on these scores. All together measure Happiness.

Users are invited to fulfill daily challenges to improve their values. These challenges come in different shapes depending on the time frame they are applied to, the difficulty, the time frame, whether you need other people or can do it alone.

Only if you take a challenge and fail to deliver it throughout the day your values decrease. But if you manage to fulfill the challenge, you get rewarded with points and the Meeka that is you gets happier. You can then take a picture and share it with your network to show your success to the world.

Every individual has their part to play in the creation of our global Meerkats clan and conscious society. Awareness and purpose are proven to be vital ingredients of satisfaction and fulfillment. We want to show everyone, including you, that you have an impact, no matter whether you are aware of it or not. Empower yourself!